Coding And Reality

Today we listened to the last of our class presentations on Tech inquiries. One of the presentations was on coding which gave us the opportunity to try Scratch coding by following a module. It was encouraging to follow the steps and learn a few of the tools, I am sure if I tried to incorporate more actions it would quickly become complicated but as it was I could understand what I was doing. It was easy to see how students could use a tools like Scratch to build coding skills.

We also looked at virtual reality and augmented reality. Virtual reality I have seen a lot, it is a method of placing yourself in another ‘reality’ usually through glasses and headsets which are made to display images that move with your motions. Augmented reality is using technology to overlay virtual images on real world images. The best example would be Pokémon Go. Using augmented reality in class looks more achievable, there are apps and programs which allow you to create you own hotspots. You can use an app to place a virtual image and then later read it using the same app. The app linked in one option, although it can be limited in terms of animation.

The last thing we looked at was QR codes. These are everywhere now, they are a box shaped code which can be scanned and link to a webpage. In using QR codes in a class students can learnt to make their own, they can make presentations where further information is available through the code.



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