Music Reflection

As the semester comes to an end we have been asked to reflect on our music class. This music class was the first I had had in a school since I was in grade four, most of my schools did not have a music teacher and in the case of my high-school, no instruments.

Before this class I had one strength in music and that was knowing of a lot of songs. Through years of girl guide camps and living with my mother who ran strong start programs I have collected many many songs for children of all ages. When I see myself teaching music in the future I hope to bring more knowledge about the use of these songs in teaching music skills. Knowing which songs show tempo or play with pitch and volume (dynamics in music).

I think the biggest take away from this semester of music class will be a better understanding of these components of music. The methods behind the songs and how songs can be used in class to teach both about music and other topics. I feel more prepared to integrate music into a lesson rather than simply decorate a lesson with it.

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