Open Education

I have been thinking about the availability of information and by extent education.

I love reading old newspapers, I could (and have) spend hours sorting through digitized newspapers from the 18th to 20th century. I have access to these achieves through my university, access I will lose when I am no longer a student. While the newspapers themselves are mostly public domain they are behind paywalls on the site’s that host them. Even information which is no longer copyrighted can be unreachable.

Our class had a conference call with Verena Roberts on open education. She talked about students in a community asking the town council what problems they were facing and then spending time creating solutions. She also mentioned students sharing the information they learned throughout the year in a public way. (The students could remain anonymous but the information public).

I really enjoyed these ideas and could see them working. In communities which are smaller and rural problem solving as described can be felt by everyone. When students gain knowledge and share it with the whole community the value of their education is shown, they can see how to use what they learn to impact their families and lives.


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