Sketchnote, Twine, And Design

Today in technology we learned about Sketchnoting as a form of note taking. When we were asked if we had heard of it I said no, but upon seeing what sketchnotes consisted of I realized it is similar to how I normally take notes. I doodle and rely on arrows and drawings to keep track of my train of thought. As we looked through the google classrooms instructions I was reminded of some notes I have taken.

Below are some notes I took a while ago at a talk on the Chauvet Caves. In class we read an article that said by drawing part of your notes you can remember things more clearly. I know for me that is true, the more I am composing the notes the more invested I am in what I am writing/drawing (and the more I remember).


We also learned about Twine, a platform where you can create your own ‘Choose your own adventure’ stories. It was not difficult to pick up how to make a story and I could definitely see using it with middle years and older students. The main difference between twine and other mediums we have used is that Twine does not have a way for you to save your creation on the site itself. You have to save it as a file, and fairly regularly as the story is only saved to your browser through cookies. Twine was fun to use but would take a bit more planning to use in class.

When thinking about the way I have learned to use technology I am aware that I do not necessarily know the inner workings of the web. I expect that a site will be easy to use and have all the tools I may need to produce something through that platform. I like using technology and I enjoy figuring out a new medium to present information. But I am aware that the sites I am using have been made with simplicity in mind.

Finally we listened to presentations from our classmates on design and video editing. In both presentations we were given the opportunity to explore the medium ourselves. One of the suggestions for creating a graphic design was the site Canva, a site I have used for a few of my posts on this blog. It is another example of a site which is easy to use and I can expect to create something quickly which I could easily share. In the 5-10 minutes we got I made this simple (and silly) image.


My own photo of Mont st Michel combined with a quote from Disney’s Tangled (the castle was inspired by this island).


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