Privacy and Safety

In technology 336 we have discussed privacy and safety when using online and cloud based tools. Cloud based tools will store and keep your information, in an education context you need to get parent or student (depending on the students age) consent to store information this way.

My family has always focused on what you should/shouldn’t share online. Not only for the usual safety concerns but because our last name is not common. My mother kept her maiden name and has several people with her name, if you google her you find professional swimmers, professors, and psychologists. She doesn’t show up for a few results. In contrast there are 7 people in Canada with my last name and they are all in my close family. Google my full name and you will see every newspaper I have been in, my school presentations, and some of my Instagram photos.(As far as I can tell there was one other Natalie with my last name in the early 20th century).

As a result when I am considering creating something online I know it could be easily found. This is really true of anything you post under you name online, although it is  easier to find my name, everyone’s public posts are a certain amount of permanent. If you become a public figure, even locally, your posts will matter to people.  I would want to be sure students understand the possible lack of privacy online platforms hold while also showing that they can use these tools safely.


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