Minecraft in Class

Today in Tech 336 we were taught how to play Minecraft by a group of students from Colquitz middle school. I have previously played Minecraft although never spent long enough with it to learn all the mechanics. The students were very helpful and the class was quickly filled with conversation and laughter as we tried to navigate the world.

I enjoyed playing Minecraft in a group, it really showed how engaging it could be when you are all in the same world. Although gaming can be a solitary activity Minecraft has many opportunities for collaboration and when you are playing with people in the same room you see how social everyone is being. Even as I flew off to a far corner of the map and built a stone castle I could still talk to my neighbours and see in the chat what was going on around the map of the world.

It was also very interesting to see the teacher controls of Minecraft Ed, it is comforting that there are systems in the game to help you introduce your students to the game and monitor game-play (even if you are giving them lots of creative freedom).

I have seen children create great things with Minecraft, this experience gave me a clearer idea of how I could directly use it in the classroom and that’s exciting! I want to be able to confidently use tools like this, we shouldn’t discount the skills inherent in some games.

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