Music Reflection

This week we taught our classmates a small music lesson, they were all based on the same chant about rain. Taking this chant our groups all chose different ways of teaching it to children, some integrated other topics like art and science.

Our group decided to focus on pitch and volume (I later learned that volume is called dynamics in music).We focused on these aspects because they can be difficult for children to differentiate between. When we talk about volume in everyday life we talk about it going ‘up’ and ‘down’ instead of getting louder and softer. This confuses things when you talk bout pitch going up or down.

We had the class practice saying things using both and encouraged them to try their own variations of the song by mixing the two together.

I think the class went well, we had a group come up with a very nice combination of sounds and they presented it to the rest of the class.

It was difficult to teach a short lesson with six other teachers, not likely to happen in real life but definitely difficult to coordinate. I also struggled introducing pitch as an idea as I am not experienced with music vocabulary. I showed the concepts through example as I was not confident in my ability to explain using proper terms (like volume verses dynamics). I would like to learn more vocabulary and concepts like this so in the future I am confident with more than just guitar.




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