Reflecting on the moon

This past month I have been comparing and contrasting the way various books explain the formation of the earth and moon. I finished gathering this information last week but was unable to decide on how to present the information. I didn’t want to simply write out everything as that would take a while, I had a lot of information.

As I have worked on this blog I have been trying new forms of technology where I can, I enjoy learning new mediums online, but I could not find one that matched my ideas. Finally I decided to forgo the technology aspect and draw/paint my information. This was the most work I have done for one of my posts in both the painting and the amount of time I spent gathering information. In the end I wrote explanations as well as the images, so a lot was put into the final post.

Unfortunately as I posted it the blog was erased and all that was left was the title. I enjoy using technology and I have seen first hand in my own schooling how valuable it can be. However, I am often nervous that things like this will happen, I saved the post several times and it did not stick. I want to use technology in cases when I works well with my goals, but I am aware that things put online are not always in my control. If I drop an assignment into a puddle that it something I can regret. If it is lost to the internet I can only start over, with more backups and twice the work. This time I will re-write my post on a document and so if something happens I can copy it back. This seems to defeat some of the convenience of blogging on a platform.


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