Going Different Directions

Although I am mostly focusing on The Book of Knowledge I started this week by picking up “The Girl Guiding Book of Ideas” (1939), and it held a wonderful general knowledge quiz full of incomprehensible questions and answers. The questions are honestly unfair since they are completely out of the context of 1939. I decided the best thing to do was make an honestly unfair quiz out of a few of the questions.

After searching online and attempting to make a quiz twice I found a website that was simple to use and had enough free features to make a multiple choice quiz (proprofs quiz maker). The website does ask for your name but will accept random letters which I noted in my post. I added the multiple choice because the original questions are impossible to answer without options, for example:

“Why can you not make a good cup of tea at the top of a mountain?”

“Because the water boils at a lower temperature”

Along with making this quiz I have been collecting household hints from my books, particularly “How girls can help” the first Girl Guiding book (1912) and  “Enquire Within upon Everything” (1894) . And researching the Moon and Earth as explained by “The Book of Knowledge”(1921/1926) and “Reasons Why: Physical Geography” (1864).

All these different topics seem to lead me to multiple unrelated articles, as I open a book to find information on cleaning mirrors in 1894 and end up reading a poem about making salad. The past was a strange place and I am really enjoying such specific glances at it. I may at one point research further the world these books were published in, the outer society that influenced what was written and published, but the books themselves are also an answer to that question. They are an incomplete picture of the time they were made in, so once I have seen what picture my odd collection paints I will find the rest of the image.

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