Learning Goals

This semester I aim to document my learning on technology in the classroom, I will research a specific aspect of technology with a group of classmates and include our progress here.

I also will post blogs about a personal project where I read and research old texts. I have a range of books from many decades. The texts I will focus on for this project are “The Book of Knowledge” of which I have editions from both 1921 and 1926, “Enquire Within Upon Everything” from 1894, and a few books from 1900’s. I plan to collect and condense the knowledge from these books, examine how it has changed throughout the years, and compare it to our current information. As these books are encyclopedias and collections of a lot of knowledge from very specific times I do not know what paths they will lead me down.

To organize my posts I will have two headings under Open Inquiry. The section titled Reflection will be where I look at what I am doing each week and the progress I make. The Knowledge section will be short blogs about the individual facts, stories, and articles within the texts themselves.



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